You have great ideas about your LMS site and would like to run them informally by an eLearning expert*

Mentor Sessions bridge the gap between support, consultancy and training. They are available on a regular basis or ad hoc and can be used as mini consultancy sessions, targeted demonstrations, or/and project reviews.

Through the Mentor session we can provide the right support for best practice advice, training and guidance on all aspects of managing your Moodle or Totara Learn site. Our mentor is the eLearning Consultant who is a strategic Moodle and Totara expert and is more than suited to guide you through the secrets to Moodle and Totara success in simple and clear steps.  

This package provides the peace of mind and consistency of ongoing assistance and mentoring without the expense of full management. Pick our brain and make your eLearning site more engaging for your users. We will meet you online. 


  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Take better control of your role in your organisation
  • Receive feedback for course development, file management, user roles, and competency-based marking. 
  • Bring us close and make us your go-to Moodle or Totara contact
  • Learn how to use your Moodle and Totara site to align training with business goals that reflect culture and values
  • It's cost-effective and it's delivered online 

Complete the form and we will be in touch to discuss your mentor session. 

* Mentor Sessions are only available to businesses with a presence in the UK. Sorry if that's not you.

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