How Moodle can inspire your eLearning journey: An Essential guide for Charities

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Learning and development can be a challenge for charities and not-for-profit organisations. Face-to-face training can be costly, and the last thing you want is for your people to have to drop everything to travel to training interventions. Isn’t there a better way to deliver learning materials and get value for money? We think so.

We delve into the main learning challenges that charities and non-profit organisations face today, and how an LMS like Moodle can be extremely beneficial for charities and non-profit sectors in delivering a successful Learning strategy.

We cover:

  • Key L&D challenges for the charity and non-profit sectors;
  • 7 key benefits of an LMS like Moodle for not-for-profit organisations;
  • An exploration of Moodle and Moodle's vision;
  • How HowToMoodle supports charities in reducing the burden on learning and development teams.

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