You're new to your L&D role and you need answers quickly. You have inherited a Moodle or Totara Learn site and you don't understand how it was setup. You need to identify performance issues early so you can create change and make an impact in your organisation

Our Healthcheck service* is akin to an MOT for your in-house hosted Moodle or Totara Learn site. Through this service we can provide the right support in two ways: 

Technical Healthcheck

Our technical healthcheck is delivered to you by our in-house technical gurus (also ex-Moodlers) in the form of a report. They will review and document the configuration and environment of your site at server level. They will also list any peformance issues identified along with recommendations and a list of plugins installed. 

Consultancy Healthcheck

Our consultancy healthcheck is delivered to you on-site by our eLearning Consultants who will help you take an objective view of your site by evaluating the use of existing learning tools, administrative approaches and configuration. 


  • It's an independent, comprehensive, fast, and efficient way to get the answers you need right now
  • It's cost-effective without ongoing consultancy lock-in
  • It offers sanity check against current performance benchmarks
  • You can use this service to make a change
  • You will get a much clearer idea of the state of your site's health

Complete the form and we will be in touch to discuss your Healthcheck consultation.  

*Healthcheck consultations are only available to businesses with a presence in the UK. Sorry if that's not you.

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